Ethics and Philosophy

Every our choose is oriented always to utmost honesty, protection of people and the environment.
Openness and correctness are our core values.
Every customer is “the number one”, because we are near your needs.
You can find flexibility, rapidity and precision, because we have an effortless structure and we have a bound for communication. So, any problem is timely solved.

Environment is borrowed and we have to return it improved to future generations.
This fundamental concept guides the choices inherent the suppliers, raw materials, purification of wastewater, purifying of air, disposal of special waste, that are managed without compromises.

Our Staff is our great potential: communication, information and training are continuous and dynamic. Friendly relations between staff people, based on honesty, collaboration, passion for their work, makes our company a reliable reality.
Fair balance work and private life give energy to work in the best way.

Maximum attention to quality from the products purchased for processing. In fact always we rely on high prestige certified suppliers in the international market . These products are selected from those acts to achieve maximum quality and minimum impact on man and environment .

Solidarity is not a term which has no involvement for us . Annually we support associations NPO selected. Also for waste disposal office we rely on a cooperative that operates in the social .