Our quality for perfect results

Our company is operationally organized in an integrated way with its quality system, environmental management system and health management system and safety at work.

We can provide quality certificates.

Any ‘non conformity’ is managed directly inside the company. This ensures that materials are delivered with the highest achievable standards. The returns on our goods are practically zero.

When purchasing processing materials we utilise strictly selected, certified suppliers with whom we have excellent collaboration and consultation relationships.

We have an internal laboratory where we carry out all the necessary routine analyses for the correct management of the phosphating plant and waste purification. For extraordinary analyses we use certified external laboratories.

All daily test and analysis results are scrupulously recorded in special forms which are filed with the production programs and signed by the responsible member of staff for each stage.


We guarantee rapid response and maximum precision for your materials. The management and administrative functions of the company are exercised directly by the company owners, ensuring the diligent completion of every procedure.

Our personnel are specialized and given full responsibility for each company activity.
When purchasing processing materials we utilize strictly selected, certified suppliers with whom we have excellent relationships of collaboration and consultation.


Lots are identified on reception of goods and are managed throughout the stages of handling, processing, and storage by means of a programmed procedure which is monitored through each phase.

We are specialised in the processing of very delicate, ground, and lapped items.

European Directive ‘RoHS’ – The products we use to treat phosphatizing comply with the ‘RoHS’ and 2003/11 / EC.
REACH – A guarantee of control operated by us on the supply chain, as downstream users, they are available, on request of the ns. customers, the declarations of our. providers.

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