Duegi snc has been a consolidated reality for over thirty years in the field of zinc and manganese phosphating. Thanks to the quality of our treatments and speed in production, we have become consolidated partners of important companies in the mechanical and automotive sector.

Through the development of an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System, we wanted to promote the culture of quality at all levels and further emphasize the commitment we make every day towards our customers and suppliers. The subsequent development of an Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001:2015 is intended to formalize our commitment to environmental and ecological protection and to set ourselves more ambitious improvement objectives.

In order to guarantee the quality and environmental compliance of our processes and our services, we consider the following aspects essential:

Relationship with the customer:

  • compliance with the customer’s expectations in terms of quality and reliability from the early stages of commercial definition.
  • customer service technically prepared and available to satisfy customer requests.
  • rapid processing times and ability to manage emergencies and priorities.

Technical expertise:

  • technical preparation on the phosphating process of all operators.
  • specialized employees – no outsourcers.
  • ability to customize the processing cycle for variable parameters, maintaining the quality standard.


  • update and exchange of knowledge with suppliers of processing products.
  • Particular attention to team building
  • Investment policy aimed at the progressive adoption of new technologies and process improvements


  • Use the precious water resource in a sustainable way, with particular reference to washing water and its subsequent purification
  • Engage constant resources in the search for increasingly ecological and therefore safer products for people and environment.
  • Identify new technologies that allow for the saving of raw materials and energy sources.
  • Manage waste with particular attention to prevent forms of contamination and classify them
  • Control and prevent emergency situations that can cause negative impacts on the environment.
  • Liaise with relevant authorities for compliance and improvement purpose
  • Identify the dangers of the activities and evaluate in advance the risks for personnel and the environmental effects for what is in place and for each new activity and/or process in order to be able to adopt solutions capable of preventing accidents, occupational pathologies, the production of pollutants and in any case minimize, as far as technically possible, the occurrence and release

Business Continuity:
Our constant attention to the evolution of the market and new technologies, combined with the continuous training and growth of our staff, has made us a resilient reality capable of guaranteeing qualitative excellence and efficiency in the provision of the service.
Over the years we have developed solid organizational models that allow us to be one of the most consolidated companies in our sector and partner of important Italian and international companies.

Selection of suppliers:
We evaluate and select our suppliers through careful analysis aimed at verifying the technical qualities, the impact on people and the environment of the products to be supplied, the efficiency of the service, constantly verifying that these requirements are always maintained and improved wherever possible.

Objectives for quality:
As proof of our concrete commitment, a series of objectives have been defined that we wish to achieve in order to achieve constant customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

These objectives are available in the Quality and Environmental Objectives Form, which is reissued at least annually and periodically updated.

Pieve Emanuele, 9.3.2023