DUEGI SNC is an established feature for more than 30 years in the Zinc and Manganese phosphatizing area. Through the quality and speed about its phosphatizing, DUEGI Snc is earned a great reputation, becoming a significant partner of major company in mechanical engineering and automotive area.

The development of a quality system compliant with ISO 9001:2015 took as its starting point the definition of what it means to work in quality for DUEGI.

Unavoidable aspects to grant quality:

  • Respect for customer expectations in terms of quality and reliability from the initial stages of commercial definition.
  • Customer service technically prepared and available to meet customer requirements
  • Timing of rapid processing and ability to manage urgencies and priorities

Technical expertis:

  • Technical preparation of all the operators
  • Specialized operators direct employees (not outsourcer)
  • Ability to customize the processing cycle for the variable parameters, maintaining the standard quality required.


  • Attention to the issue of energy saving with consequent economic and ecological advantages.
  • Continuous updating and interchange of knowledge between DUEGI SNC and phosphating products suppliers.
  • Particular attention to the team building

Selection of suppliers:

DUEGI Snc evaluates and selects its suppliers through a careful analysis activity to verify technical qualities, the impact on people and environment by the products have to be supplied, efficiency of the service, constantly checking that these requirements are always respected and improved wherever possible.

Objectives for Quality:

As proof of DUEGI Snc concrete commitment towards Quality, the objectives have been defined to achieve constant customer’s satisfaction and continuous improvement. These objectives are made known to all the people of the company


Pieve Emanuele, 22.06.2018